09 Jan Why Your Small Firm Needs E-Discovery, and Where to Get It.

In 2009, e-discovery expert Craig Ball asked an important question.  He hypothesized a small-firm attorney named Edna, with a budget of $1,000 for e-discovery, and challenged vendors to provide a solution. He called it the ‘EDna Challenge’. The software solution provided needed to: Be affordable, easy to use, and able to handle multiple file formats Have redaction features Keep file metadata, and track de-duplication of files Have an efficient workflow   In 2016, Craig Ball updated his EDna Challenge. In the EDna Challenge: Part 2 (presented at the 2016 ACEDS conference), there were modifications:   The budget was increased to $5,000 The review would take 90 days and the case would be...

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20 Dec Why Your E-Discovery Software Needs to Have OCR

E-discovery is the next big thing for lawyers. In the past, when lawyers shared files, there would be reams of paper in boxes full of folders. Fast forward to today, paper and folders are going digital. So, what do lawyers do with their paper documents? Well, a lot of the time they just scan them. Here’s the problem though: those scanned documents have text, but to a computer they are ‘pictures’ of text. So you can’t use them the same way you could a regular Word file. How does OCR help? Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a software tool that converts scanned documents into text...

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06 Dec What is ediscovery (or e-discovery)?

What is e-discovery? Ediscovery (i.e. electronic discovery) is the process of collecting, sharing, and searching electronically stored information (ESI) – e.g. Microsoft Word files, PDFs, audio files, etc. The ‘e’ in ediscovery stands for electronic. A standard legal requirement is for opposing lawyers to share the information they have collected with each other.  In yesteryear, this involved cardboard boxes full of paper files and folders for a case – a process called ‘discovery’; today, since most of the data is available electronically, with ediscovery, lawyers can share computer files via the internet using special ediscovery software. Although, some lawyers still share paper...

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